Midwest Bio Energy                                              

Who We Are:

Midwest Bio Energy, LTD is owned and operated by a family farm (Holesinger Farms) based in Fulton, Illinois .  The company was started in 2000 with the goal of providing clean energy utilizing the residue from crops grown in the Midwest .  We have expanded this direction to include other renewable energy alternatives.


Provide alternatives to fossil fuels and utility electric generation in the Midwest through the use of renewable and waste energy sources.

Add value to grain crops and land by providing NEW energy uses for crops, waste and land.

Provide integrated waste control systems which utilize the uniqueness of Midwest Farm operations and support the clean energy goals of the company.


Contact Us:  MBE@midwestbioenergy.com,  Phone: 1-563-559-0244,  FAX: 1-815-772-5652